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This website explores the creative variables of photography, one at a time, to see how each works.

Explore this site any way you like: click a navigation item at the left to open up a topic, or click the photos above to jump in at random. There is also a help page on using the comparison pages, which are fun but slightly tricky at first.

I taught photography and wished there was a site like this, so I developed this one. I used a single subject — a woman named Nicole Pierce — for almost every image, so there is consistency as we look at creative options.

Many pages on the site have audio with me narrating. Audio is set to play when you first arrive, but you can turn it on or off, sitewide, on every page. User testing shows that you get a much richer experience if you listen while you explore the images.

CHECK OUT my newest photo project: Dave's Truck Rescue of Sprague, Washington, and my portfolio site.

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